Vienna Stock Exchange Market Data Agreement

In addition, different file products are available for reference and reference data, index data and corporate actions. All these exchanges are covered not only technically by the Vienna Stock Exchange, but also contractually, which greatly reduces costs and work for our clients. Historical Data Reference informationCorporate shares serviceIndex Market data The basis for successful business decisions is comprehensive market information, which is provided in real time. The Vienna Stock Exchange, a market data hub for Central and Eastern Europe, supports market participants by aggregating market data from eleven different exchanges and providing them in a standardised format. The Vienna Stock Exchange is the first point of contact for market data from Central and South-Eastern Europe. As a „one-stop shop,“ the Vienna Stock Exchange collects market data from eleven exchanges and makes it available via a data stream. Market data from ten exchanges and one energy exchange are provided via a data stream. The following products are available via FTP and may be subscribed to Appendix 1 of our market data agreement: If you wish to connect directly to the Exchange`s data platform to receive, process and disseminate market data in real time, please contact us at the mds (a) address. Online data order forms are available on the corresponding sub-site for the data stream. Historical data requests can be by mds (a). In addition, the following products are offered by the Vienna Stock Exchange via FTP servers. Market data from all exchanges is broadcast directly in real time via our ADH data feed and low flow rate, as well as through licensed data providers. In addition, the Vienna Stock Exchange offers its customers a comprehensive offer of constantly updated baseline and basic data.

In addition, historical data requests can be sent to Market Data Sales. All market data products made available by the Vienna Stock Exchange (excluding Budapest market data) are covered by an agreement. The receipt and dissemination of market data is subject to a valid agreement on market data (display): all data products provided in files can be downloaded via s of our SFTP servers. Access is protected by the SSH file transfer protocol with the user and the password or preinstalled keys (PSK). Registration information will be provided after the conclusion of our market data agreement (pdf file 280 KB). Contract for derivative and non-visualization data (data derivative agreement) (pdf file 250 KB). Customers who wish to use real-time and/or deferred information on the market in non-screen applications or for the production of derivative data need a derivative data agreement. While the calculation of an index or the creation of financial products based on market information disseminated by the Vienna Stock Exchange is covered by the term derivative data, non-display use mainly covers the use of market data in applications (pdf file 250 KB). Detailed content of the Xetra® reference medium (pdf 30 KB) Market Data Agreement (pdf file 740 KB) Price List Market Data Agreement (pdf 470 KB) Presentation Market Data Market Data Market ProductsProvents market FeedsContact suppliers and services of the Viennese Stock Exchange Market data largely corresponds to the market segmentation of tradable instruments, indices and calculated over-the-counter data.

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