Sandbox Agreement

Similarly, the term „sandbox“ can also be used in data processing and networking to other temporary or indeterminate isolation areas, such as security sandboxes and search engine sandboxes (both with very specific meanings) that prevent incoming data from affecting a „live“ system (or aspects of it) unless defined requirements or criteria are met. This contract applies to PayPal user agreement, PayPal privacy policy and any other agreements you have with PayPal for your use of the sandbox PayPal service. We can amend this agreement at any time by publishing a revised version on our website. The revised version will be effective at the time of the postal call. If there is a significant change in the revised version, we will notify you of a substantial change 30 days before, by posting a notification on the „Directive Updates“ page on our website. In this agreement, „you“ or „you“ means any person or entity that uses the service. Unless otherwise stated, the „PayPal,“ „us“ or „ours“ collectively relate to PayPal, Inc. and its subsidiaries. Wikis generally also use a common sandbox testing model, although it is primarily designed to learn and experiment with functions rather than to test changes in existing content (the analog source code wiki). An editing display mode is usually used to test certain changes to texts or the layout of wiki pages. The term sandbox is often used for the development of web services in order to refer to a reflected production environment that can be used by external developers.

Typically, a third-party developer develops and creates an application that uses a sandbox web service used to allow a third-party team to validate its code before it is migrated to the production environment. Microsoft,[3] Google,,[4],[5] PayPal,[6] eBay[7] and Yahoo[8] offer these services. 15. Full agreement, amendments. The terms of this agreement constitute the entire agreement between FinTech Sandbox and you regarding the program. You replace all written, written or written agreements and communications between you and FinTech Sandbox or its affiliates in relation to the program. This agreement can only be amended by an amendment signed by both parties, but FinTech Sandbox can change the program in terms of program management, policies, procedures, directives, benefits and similar changes. You cannot cede this agreement or the rights to this agreement without our prior written consent.

Any assignment or attempted transfer by you does not conform to this section that it is non-aeig. Subject to the above, this agreement binds the parties and their successors and beneficiaries of the assignment. 4. Intellectual property. We are not entitled to ownership of your work product as a result of the benefits of the program being made available to you. Each of us owns and retains all rights, titles and interests on and on our own products and services, including the underlying intellectual property. You acknowledge that because of your participation in the program or the implementation of FinTech Sandbox`s advice or suggestions, FinTech Sandbox does not grant any license, alliance or other intellectual property rights (implicit, exhaustion, Estoppel or otherwise). These rights, if any, will only be granted after a separate written agreement between you and FinTech Sandbox has been executed.

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