Young Leader Agreement

In addition, Girlguiding members aged 14 to 18 and 14 to 18 year olds who are closing the Duke of Edinburgh`s Award can become young leaders to complement the volunteer elements of their awards. Like other young executives, they are required to undergo training, but they cannot access the Broader Explorer program and can only volunteer for a specified period of time. [15] [16] The Young Guide program was born at the beginning of the 21st century from the new researchers` program for 14-18 year olds, which was officially launched in 2002 after six years of audits on the future of the youth movement and program. [5] [6] The comprehensive program was launched in 2003, which allowed Explorer Scouts and other similar personalities to volunteer with the younger sections as members of the leadership team. [7] The training was split into stand-alone modules, written for identification, in response to the update of the voluntary adult training launched in September of the same year. [8] The conclusion of the first module awarded the Young Leader the diamond-shaped badge, dark blue with a purple border and „YL“ in the middle, while the end of missions putting the learned skills into practice was recognized by another trapezoid plate placed on the margins of the original distinction. [9] The completion of the full program, including all completed missions and modules, allowed the young uniformed guide to wear the belt buckle. Recognition of the program is obtained through a series of badges and culminates in the Young Leader Belt Loop Award, which is worn with his uniform. The Young Leaders badge is awarded at the end of the mandatory training module and is surrounded by one in four badges when each „mission“ is completed; The loop is assigned only by completing each module and mission. [3] The program is popular with young people who wish to volunteer in their communities. Since its launch in 2002, the program has grown from 1,245 young executives to 10,394 a decade later, with a focus on transferable skills. [4] Young executives have a training program similar to that of adult executives, which includes 11 closed modules. They can be performed individually over a longer period of time or combined with a longer course.

[18] These modules also account for part of their wooden badge when they decide to grow up in scouting at the age of 18 and count as prior knowledge. [19] There are also four missions that young executives must carry out, which include running games and activities for their relevant section. The objective of the missions is to apply what they have learned in their sections day after day, as is the validation phase of adult Scout leadership training. [32] At the end of each mission, an additional badge can be added to the edge of the standard badge for the young guide. Once all modules and assignments are completed, young executives have the right to wear a belt buckle of the young guide to enjoy this performance.

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