Withdrawal Agreement Data Transfer

Point 2.- new transfer arrangements for the United Kingdom. The UK`s new transmission system is set out in the Data Protection, Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2019 (amendments, etc.) (leaving the EU) (SI 2019/419); These apply from the day of release (which may or may not be October 31 at 23 p.m.). The regulation assumes that the UK data protection regime will deviate from the GDPR. Anyone who transfers personal data from the EU/EEA to the UK will do so on a third-country basis, with or without an adequacy decision by the European Commission in relation to the UK. There are currently no changes in the way you send personal data to the EU/EEA, Gibraltar and other countries deemed appropriate by the EU. If this situation changes, we will update this page. We have also created an interactive tool on the use of standard contractual clauses for transfers to the UK to help you. Given that government departments are large controllers, there is a risk that these documents distort the delicate data protection balances between data subjects and the controller in favour of the interests of the controller and the processing of the Ministry (and the political interests of the competent Minister of Foreign Affairs, who is responsible for the actions of the department). There is no immediate need for action. Organisations can still transfer personal data to the UK until the end of 2020 without a transfer mechanism. In order to be able to transfer personal data to the UK after the end of the transition period, organisations must take the following steps: You may also consider changing your company`s data flows in relation to personal data from the EU so that it is transferred directly from an EU data exporter to a data importer outside the EEA/non-UK in the framework for an appropriate data transfer mechanism (e.B.

CSC). Within weeks, the EU has yet to make a decision on whether or not to accept whether the UK`s data protection regime is still appropriate. If your company currently relies on CCAs for some or all of its international transfers, please note that the EDDC recently updated its guidelines on the use of CCTs following the CJEU ruling in Schrems II. We anticipate that the transfer of data from the UK to the EU and Gibraltar may continue for the time being on the basis of new UK adequacy rules. For more information on how transfer rules work, see the International Transfers page of our Enforcement Guide. This can complicate international transfers for organizations that transfer sets of personal data to which the frozen GDPR may apply. Does the ICO govern the laws applicable in Article 71 or is the processing of this data subject to the regulation of EEA regulators? In the event of a personal data breach related to personal data subject to Article 71, the organisation must inform the supervisory authorities of the ICO or the EEA (or both?). The ICO regulates the laws applicable in Article 71. Depending on the circumstances of the data breach, the frozen GDPR and/or the UK GDPR may also apply with the EU GDPR, resulting in the obligation to notify the ICO as well as the eea competent authorities. .

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