Tongue and Quill Memorandum of Agreement

Air Force Memo For Record (MFF) The Memorandum for Record (commonly referred to as Memo for Record, MR or MFF) is used as an informal internal document. People who work together usually give information orally, but sometimes it needs to be recorded and submitted for future reference. For more information, see the following example and AFM 33-326, Preparing Official Communications, Chapter 3. Use printed letterhead, computer-generated letterhead, or regular bond paper. The author decides which stationery is appropriate. Press or print on both sides of the paper with black or blue-black ink. Use 10- to 12-point fonts for text. The images above are from AFH 33-337, The Tongue and Quill What does 1st Ind mean in a memo? 1. Ind, Commander of the Members.

Ref: The Tongue and Quill Official Memorandum example The Official Air Force Memorandum is the most commonly used format for written communication in the Air Force. It is used for a variety of purposes, from documenting the squadron`s internal policies to conducting official business with DoD agencies. It is also used to do business with suppliers and contractors. .

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