Samms Agreement

Requests for amendments containing detailed details should be submitted on, indicating the application number and the administrator. Please note that application management is subject to a fee of £132 including VAT. This fee is in addition to the costs incurred by the legal department as soon as the agreement with the planning officer has been complied with. Once your agreement is finalized and the building permit issued, you should refer to the commitment for details on the dates of payment and / or provision of the infrastructure. A unilateral obligation is an obligation that the applicant enters into with the planning authority, either to support an application for construction or a planning right. The terms of the agreement shall be indicated by the applicant. This is established by counsel for the applicant as a whole, without the participation of the Council. The planning authority shall examine whether the project is necessary. If you want the Commission to verify that the company is available in an acceptable format, this can be agreed, although a fee is due on a workload basis. The fees are levied on a flat-rate basis for each agreement s106, as follows: an obligation to pay the Council`s costs incurred during the preparation of the legal agreement. A bilateral agreement (Article 106) is an agreement between the applicant and the Council and, occasionally, others. The need for such an agreement normally arises either during the discussion process prior to the application or after the submission of the application. If the need for such an agreement is established prior to the submission of the application, it is recommended that applicants submit either a draft contract or terms with the application in order to expedite the decision-making process.

Where an agreement is required, the applicant shall be informed of the main requirements and reasons. Where agreement in principle is reached, the application shall, where appropriate, be notified to the Planning Committee in order to allow implementation. The terms „planning agreement“, „planning obligation“, „unilateral commitment“ and „planning gain“ are often used synonymously. From a technical point of view, a planning agreement, also known as a Section 106 agreement (a reference to the corresponding section of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990), is, however, the overall legal agreement resulting from the planning obligation process. . . .

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