Manitoba Tenancy Agreements

If a landlord offers a tenant an extension of a fixed-term lease, the tenant must sign the extension and return it to the landlord at least 2 months before the term expires. If the tenant does not do so, the rental is deemed terminated with effect from the end of the term. Tenants cannot give notice of moving during a term lease, but they can assign or sublet their lease to someone else who has been approved by the landlord. A landlord can only legally terminate a rental for specific and valid reasons set out in local law and cannot do so simply because the rental period has expired. Notice to New Tenants (Form 2) (Update – effective March 1, 2013) Landlords must provide all new tenants with a completed „Notice to New Tenants“ form at the beginning of the lease. Landlords are required to send a copy of this form to the Residential Tenancies Branch (the Branch). If a landlord wishes to end a tenancy, he is obliged to inform the tenant in writing on the appropriate form. This notice must state why the tenant is being asked to move when the tenant must be outside and must also be signed by the landlord. If a tenant refuses to move after receiving the notice, landlords can apply to the Residential Tenancies Branch for a property order. The owner has to pay a registration fee of 60.00 USD for this. A hearing will be held during which evidence must be presented, including the notice of termination. If a possession order is issued, the order can be enforced by the sheriff`s office.

If the tenant or landlord does not agree with the outcome of the hearing, they can appeal to the Residential Tenancies Board and a new hearing date will be set. Renewal of a contract: If the lease is limited in time, the landlord must present you with a new lease no later than three (3) months before the end date of the existing contract. Fixed-term rental: You are responsible for the rent until the end of the rental, usually one year. You cannot move until the lease has expired or you have sublet the unit. Termination by tenant (Form 7) Tenants are encouraged to use this form when terminating their tenancy. Notice to New Tenants – When Tenant Services Are Provided (Form 14) Landlords must provide all new tenants with a completed notice to new tenants at the beginning of the lease – When tenant services are provided. Deposit A landlord cannot charge more than 1/2 of a tenant`s first month`s rent. The deposit will be kept by the owner until the end of the rental. Manitoba Healthy Living, Seniors and Consumer Affairs Residential Tenancy Branch 302 – 254 Edmonton Street Winnipeg (Manitoba R3C 3Y4 Toll Free): 1-800-782-8403 (in Manitoba) Tel.

: 204-945-2476 Fax: 204-945-6273 Email: (See website for other locations in Manitoba) Pet deposit A landlord who allows a tenant to keep a pet in the rental unit may charge the tenant a pet security deposit, which is 1/2 month`s rent. This deposit will be kept by the owner until the end of the rental. As of March 1, 2013, a tenant service fee may be increased if the number of people living in the dwelling increases at any time. If the landlord increases these fees, the tenant can be asked to pay more for the tenant`s deposit. In general, there are two types of leases: The landlord can only require a deposit before moving in or when transferring the lease to another person (subletting). A deposit cannot exceed half of a month`s rent. The landlord must provide you with a receipt showing the amount of the deposit, the date of receipt and the address of the rental unit. The deposit must be refunded to you within 14 days of the end of the lease, unless you have to pay rent, have damaged the rental unit or left the dwelling dirty. If the landlord makes a claim for the deposit, you must be notified of the claim within 28 days of the end of the lease.

If you disagree with the landlord`s claim for the deposit, they can ask the Residential Tenancies Branch to make a decision on who should receive the deposit and interest. The Residential Tenancies Branch (BRB) is Manitoba`s rental authority, which investigates, mediates and resolves disputes between tenants and landlords about deposits, repairs, lease terms, relocation notices, privacy and payment of utility bills. A landlord has every right to evict a tenant who has knowingly violated a no-pet policy, but they must first give the tenant a written warning. If the tenant does not remove the animal, the landlord can notify the tenant of the breach of the lease. If a pet causes damage to the property or disturbs other tenants, the landlord can also give the tenant a warning, followed by a notice of moving. In some cases, you may be able to terminate the lease with less notice. If the rental unit is in such poor condition that it is impossible to live in, you may be able to move immediately. You should contact the appropriate control body to find out if the condition of the unit is bad enough to end the rental.

If you cancel the tenancy because a landlord has not fulfilled their obligations, you can make a claim with RTB to be compensated for moving expenses. If you`re considering making a claim, you need to make sure you keep receipts for everything. Compensation may be claimed for: If you cancel and move too late or do not move at all, you are responsible for compensating the owner for any loss caused. Other cases where you can terminate the lease before the termination of the lease include: Normal wear and tear: In general, normal wear and tear is considered any progressive damage resulting from normal use and not caused by negligence or abuse. .

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