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There is no law or law dealing with joint ventures. Instead, depending on the structure of the chosen joint venture, a combination of these laws will govern the agreement: these documents should describe in detail the specific terms and definitions that will be modified or extended in order to make the change legally applicable. To give legal effect to this amendment, all parties to the Joint Undertaking must either sign the amendment or comply with the process of amending the Joint Undertaking described in the original Agreement. It is as important to make each endorsement correctly as it is to create the terms of the original agreement correctly. The articles of association of a company govern the operation of the company and specify the purpose of the company, the rights and obligations of its members and directors, as well as the way in which the company as a whole is to work. A joint venture will obviously only have status if it is a company and if the articles of association supplement the provisions of the joint venture agreement. It is important that each participant receives separate legal advice to choose the best structure, as there will be questions about individual liability and tax consequences. As a general rule, JVs can be incorporated (a company governed by a shareholders` agreement) or non-unified (a contractual agreement governed by a joint venture agreement). It is necessary to examine how and to what extent each member of the Joint Undertaking finances the project.

Will the parties be allowed to use their participation in the joint venture to finance this activity or its own activities? How are losses, profits, liabilities and liabilities distributed? Prohibitions of competition are common in joint venture agreements in order to prevent the parties from carrying out activities in competition with the proposed joint venture. Non-competition rules should be limited to a given period of time and geographical location, as non-competition must be proportionate and necessary to protect the legitimate interests of the parties in order to be applicable. A joint venture agreement, also known as a joint venture agreement, is used when two or more business entities or individuals establish a temporary business relationship (joint venture) to achieve a common goal. There are alternatives to entering into a joint venture, such as: if you decide to set up a joint venture, you should set out the terms in a written agreement. This will help avoid any misunderstanding once the joint venture is operational. If a joint venture is created to create the intellectual property, the agreement must reflect the agreement of the parties on the ownership of the new intellectual property. For example, the joint venture agreement could say that that joint venture agreement (the „Agreement“ or „Joint Venture Agreement“) will be concluded and concluded from that [date] by and between [Party 1] (`the abbreviated name of Part 1`), a [governmental] company having its registered office in [address] and [Part 2] (`PART 2 SHORT NAME`)). a company [STATE] whose registered office is at [ADDRESS]. .

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